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Heaven is Our Final Home

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”

1 Corinthians 2:9 NLT

Welcome to the family!

We hope that you feel blessed today through the love of God and the warmth of His saving grace.
We want you to know that you are so valuable to the Lord and very precious in His sight.
You belong here. Welcome home!

T e s t i m o n i e s

I first attended RCJC back in 2008 through a friend's invitation. I knew right away there was something unique in this church. By God's grace, this was where I found my Savior as well as good leaders who have helped me deepen and widen my understanding about God's word since day one. Belonging to this church gave me a clear sense of purpose and direction.

What drew me to RCJC was the strong bond and relationship as a spiritual family. For someone like me who came from a broken home, this church is a huge blessing. When I came to RCJC, I met genuine, imperfect people who loved God and loved each other with all their hearts. It's just incredible to see God at work, bringing impact on many lives through this church including mine.
I was in first year high school when I came across RCJC. Even though I grew up as a Born Again Christian, it was only in RCJC that I learned how to preach, how to evangelize and a lot more. I am very thankful to God for sending His servant, Pastor Emmanuel Fugoso, in Southern Leyte. God is so great for molding me and my family into His own will and image.
Way back 2012 I met a college colleague who likes to share reflections from the word of God. Not until 2013 we became friends and she never failed to bring me to her faith. That time I had a boyfriend who was a sacristan and I myself was a devoted catholic member. There was a time that I told her to stop bringing me to her faith and that we'll continue our friendship without touching any doctrines.

Without my knowledge, she did fasting and always cries to God for me to understand what she wanted to explain to me. Until God let me realized through dreams that I'll be in hell if I will not listen. On the next Sunday after that dream that was the start of my journey with God. I broke up with my bf and start a life with God.
God orchestrated everything in my life. I started to desire God when I was in grade school. My prayer to Him was to guide me and help me to walk in the right path. When I grew older, I thought that to be able to glorify God, I only need to do good things and to go to church every Sunday, which I already did. Without thinking if God really accepted my worship. Thank God, He opened my eyes and understanding when my siblings shared me the whole truth, the word of God. I surrendered my life to God, He cleansed me and served Him.

I am very grateful to our God almighty that I belong in this church, Rise of Church of Jesus Christ Int’l Ministries, with whom the leaders are doing their best to teach the whole truth, the doctrines of Jesus Christ, train and equip all members. I praise and thank God for the amazing things He has done in my life from the time I started to desire Him up until now and more even in the future. He is truly alive and powerful. I may not see Him but I really feel His guidance, His help, His comfort and His presence. Praise God!
I am very grateful to our Lord Jesus Christ and to the RCJC organization for the continuous help in my personal development and growth so that the Gospel will be proclaimed and that I will be able to bring many lives to His kingdom. I am hoping and praying that the RCJC's mission and vision will push thru to all nations.
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