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our History

Rise of Church of Jesus Christ International Ministries, Inc. (RCJCIM)

was first established in Cebu City in 2003 and later on in several parts of the Philippines under the directive of Pastor Emmanuel Fugoso. Prior to its establishment, a prophecy had already been revealed and decreed, “Emmanuel, I am giving you this small seed. The moment you plant it, it will grow and flourish into a big tree. Birds will appear from every direction to rest upon this tree, and its leaves shall be a medicine.” Many years later, the Lord brought forth this prophecy into fulfillment.

Pastor Emmanuel travelled from Manila to Cebu in order to carry out the purpose that God had planted in his heart. The Lord revealed to him the things that He would be accomplishing for His church through a vision while he was praying and fasting. In that vision, he saw a cloud that was slowly splitting apart to reveal a moving assembly of words that exactly said, “ITAYO MO ANG AKING IGLESIA”, which means “Build My Church”. This ushered the institution of ‘Rise of Church of Jesus Christ International Ministries. 


Several miracles happened as a testimony that this was unquestionably a God-given name for the church. During the church license application in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) – the registrar and overseer of the corporate sector in the Philippines -, it was a requirement to provide at least five organization names to choose from just in case the preferred name is already registered under another institution. However, Pastor Emmanuel provided one name as it was the only name revealed to him in his vision. The registrar asserted for him to list other names, but Pastor Emmanuel insisted to just encode the one that he provided, and that if by any chance a match would appear in the system, then he would provide a different name. At the time, there were at least four thousand religious groups registered in the Philippines. Amazingly, there was no single match to the name Rise of Church of Jesus Christ International Ministries! However, at the time, Pastor Emmanuel did not have enough money to pay for the license fee. God once again intervened, and out of nowhere, a stranger who was about six feet tall wearing all white offered to cover the lacking amount. When the transaction was done, the said man could no longer be found no matter how hard Pastor Emmanuel tried to look for him. This led him to believe that the stranger was an angel.

Armed with the love for Jesus Christ, an acoustic guitar, some tone-deaf voices, and a lack of experience; the ministry was set in motion. A gathering took place in the home of one of the pastors and members  of the Board of Directors. The Lord continued to save many souls and His manifestation was unmistakable. As a result, the church exploded into various locations (To view our church directory, please click this link.)

Almost two decades have passed since the time of this writing, and the Lord unceasingly sustained His church through the trials and sufferings. The ministry does not depend on any funding from other churches or denominations either locally or internationally. The ministry has since then expanded to various regions in the Philippines. We are about to witness its expansion to an international scale as the Lord has decreed.

These are the amazing things God has done to the Rise of Church of Jesus Christ International Ministries, Inc., and we are extremely excited to witness more of His glory as He continues to fulfill the promises He has in store for us! Glory to God alone.

Rise of Church of Jesus Christ stands by these 4 'S' principles:



For the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, leaders and members alike commit and offer their lives to spread the gospel for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.



The church follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, not from man-made doctrines.



With the help of God and the members of the church, all ministerial needs have been met through mutual support.



Just like the churches during the time of the apostles, members help each other.

Main Address

A.C. Cortes Ave. (Interior),
Looc, Mandaue City, Cebu
Philippines 6014

Telephone: +63 32 410 9821
Mobile: +63 922 203 0500