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Meet Our Founding Pastor

Pastor Emmanuel Fugoso

In June 1984, he enrolled in a Bible School in obedience to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ for him to become a servant. With God’s great help, he finished the Theology course in 1988. He started to minister in the church of God in 1989 under the administration of the Open Bible Ministries. Several accomplishments were achieved together with the said group from 1993 to 1997. At the time; he was chosen as one of the Board of Directors, served as the National Treasurer, became a member of the Executive Body of Directors, and as an Overseer. In 1999 to 2003, he became a scholar of Asian Theological Seminary (ATS) in Quezon City and finished his Master’s Degree. All the victories he received and experienced were all because of the help of God who is always with him.
He maintained his constant communication with God through praise and worship and by coming to God with all humbleness, respect, repentant heart, and recognition of His power. During a prayer and fasting (accompanied with tears, exhaustion and hunger), God revealed His plan. At 3:00P.M. on the 16th day of fasting while he was praying, he saw a vision. In that vision, he saw a cloud that has letters on it. The words: “IBANGON MO ANG AKING IGLESYA” which means “Raise Up My Church” was revealed. After reading these words, a man came up from behind him and said, ” Rise them up from their falling and teach them to obey my commands.” After 21 days, he ended his prayer and fasting with many revelations from God which were not written in here. That was the reason why ‘Rise of Church of Jesus Christ Int’l Ministries’ was established.

There were many more accomplishments that God has done in his life but he does not desire to broadcast them. More so, he does not want to boast what he achieved academically, the titles and positions he earned, the phenominal instances which God literally saved his life from death (twice), and God’s revelations to him. What he desired was for everyone to understand how God saved and called him for His Great Commission in spreading the gospel and in taking care of God’s people under the Rise of Church of Jesus Christ Int’l Ministries.

To our Heavenly Father and to Jesus Christ who forgave him from his sins and chosen him to become God’s servant by leading His people; all praises, worship, and thanksgiving be and to the Holy Spirit who guided and restored him. These were his words for our dear God, “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE TO ME. WHILE I STILL HAVE LIFE, I WILL TAKE CARE AND TEACH YOUR PEOPLE TO GREAT EXTENT IN ORDER FOR THEM TO OBEY YOUR WILL. AND YOU WILL LET ALL OF US ENTER YOUR HEAVENLY KINGDOM. AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN!

Main Address

A.C. Cortes Ave. (Interior),
Looc, Mandaue City, Cebu
Philippines 6014

Telephone: +63 32 410 9821
Mobile: +63 922 203 0500